Hypaball (Odin Computer Graphics- 1987)

Author - Bernie Dugggs (That's me)

I wrote the Spectrum version of Hypaball for Odin Computer Graphics. There is a long and interesting story behind this one, culminating in me being imprisoned in Steve Weatherill's house until it was completed. Steve is now a main man at Westwood Studios so he obviously hasn't learned his lesson ;-)

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Select 1 or 2 player, 5 to define your keys, 1 to select keyboard and 0 to begin play. You might find that the menus are a bit unresponsive, this is because music would be playing and there are delays in there to stop you from double-pressing. (You may also need to click in the window to wake the Applet up).

It's a future sports game with three players on each team - your team are white. Two of your players fly through the air, one on either side of the central goal-pod, and the other can walk along the ground. The first thing you must do is select your team members, using the left, right and fire keys. There are some interesting player names, including Linus Burns (my cat), Joffa Smifff (top Spectrum coder and good guy) and Super Mo - as in Maurice Johnson of Celtic, before he turned traitor. The priority, though, is to pick the players with the best abilities. You take it in turns - a bit like picking playground football teams!

You only control one player at a time - whoever is closest to the ball - and once you make contact with the ball to catch it, you only have a short period of time to throw it away. You control the direction of throwing by hitting the correct direction key at the same time as pressing the fire button.Hopefully you'll throw it into the goal! If you don't throw it quickly enough, it's a foul, indicated by the red foul marker at the bottom of the screen

I think the game reflects the rush to finish it (check out those irritating traces of goal pod which are left on the screen!) but I don't think it's as bad as Crash made out. However, I seem to remember that it ran somewhat slower than it should, so maybe a mighty Pentium helps it to be a lot more playable ;-)

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